LOOKING FORWARD: Letters from the Future

It was my pleasure on November 20th to attending the book launch for an astoundingly important book … “Letters from the Future“. Dozens of folks came to Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre in St. Andrews to review the book and listen to readings by some of the writers.

I had only recently received a copy and was part way through it at this point and was astounded by the many different analyses of our past and present and the plethora of ideas for a sustainable future. These are of course “wishes for the future”, but as the promotional piece states:

With the climate changing and a pandemic transforming life as we knew it, the future now seems very uncertain. But New Brunswickers are hungry for hopeful stories of the future to counter the short-sighted, and outdated visions offered by our politicians and policy makers.

Times of crisis can trigger transformation. There are encouraging signs now in New Brunswick. Topics once impossible to imagine being discussed are now part of everyday conversations and policy debates. Yet, fighting against what has gone wrong only goes so far. To transform our economic and social worlds in a way that would stop a climate catastrophe, we need new ideas leading to actions that create sustainable economic and social relationships.

Check out the presentation below and go to NB Media Coop to read more. You can order your copy on Letters from the Future at Chapel Street Editions.

Click to access nbmediacoop.org-new-book-by-37-authors-offers-new-possibilities-for-province.pdf

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