HISTORY – 15,000 YEARS OF HISTORY – #1 – The Laurentide Glacier

In our teaching, we tend to look at history in short time periods. These presentations provide 9 separate units that trace history from the Laurentide Glacier which covered our lands, through the many events that occurred as animals and people moved north and occupied the lands uncovered by the glacier. It also looks into our future as climate change impacts our lives today!

115,000 YEARS OF HISTORY – #9 -Shaping the Future – With concerns about the impacts of climate change, this presentation focuses on the Passamaquoddy Bay border between Maine and New Brunswick and what changes may mean to this area. It provides the original publication, images that can be used in your own printed works as well as a PowerPoint presentation for you to use and a list of reference links to help you in teaching about this important time in our long history.

Click to access teacherspayteachers.com-history-15000-years-of-history-1-the-laurentide-glacier.pdf

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