ARTISTS: How to create illustrations FAST and earn what you are worth

Financial success with illustrations seems to be fitting the time to completion into the clients financial expectations for price. So during a very intense contract I figured it out!

Believe it or not my first illustration was a logo I did for a bus company waaaay back in the 1950s Over the years there were many, many more images created for many more clients and all of them took a great deal of time and energy. The tools were crude and perfection always seemed to be one step away since we worked with pens and ink in a bottle and the reproduction equipment was ponderous to say the least- everything from lead type to humongous cameras and mammoth printing plates.

Today computers have made the whole process so much easier and all phases of illustration and design are available to everyone and I for one jumped into this at the earliest possible time. But I always preferred the look and feel of a hand-painted work over the digital renderings that are used today. Fortunately I discovered the quickest way to completion is to drive the illustration back and forth between computer and manual rendering. Using both computer generated colors and color rendering with todays excellent pens, acrylics, conte, chalk and other media that provide the desired result. Clear transparent spray seals it all. Art MacKay

Read all about it here:

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