LOOKING BACK: 21 years have passed and the Bay of Fundy isn’t getting better…

I’m in the process of scanning old documents and press clipping. This particular one appeared in the Telegraph Journal back in 2000, the same year I received the Visionary Award from the Gulf of Maine Council. I’ve read it through while I was scanning it and I hate to say this but the trend for the Bay of Fundy and Northern Gulf of Maine continued downward. Read it and tell me what you think. There is a path back but we are not on it yet! In fact, I’ve chased this with people on all levels and I regret that it seems the uninformed simply glaze over and move on.

That’s how I see it tonight. Art MacKay


” It ‘s ironic that the man whose company, Marine Research Associates, started the first commercial salmon operations in the Gulf of Maine off Deer Island and Eastport, Me., now sees them as endangering the health of the entire ecosystem. However, his idea of a salmon growers co-operative, where fishermen would have small sustainable grow-out units along with their other fishing operations, fell to free market competition.”

Yup! that’s me “back in the day”!

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