LOOKING BACK AND FORWARD: Sisson Mine project given EIA approval – New Brunswick

As reported below, the Sisson Mine project was given EIA approval to Northcliff Resources’s some years ago for an open pit mine project, near Fredericton,, subject to 40 conditions.

But wait!!! The project is still alive it seems. See – Northcliff secures funding to keep Sisson mine project alive. Development of open pit mine bound for economic failure, destruction of watershed by Lawrence Wuest  July 7, 2022  – https://nbmediacoop.org/2022/07/07/northcliff-secures-funding-to-keep-sisson-mine-project-alive/

CBC News
The Department of Environment and Local Government has approved the environmental impact assessment for the Sisson Mine project, subject to 40 conditions, Environment Minister Brian Kenny said on Thursday.

“Our approval of this project follows a robust review and consultation. The assessment has been thorough, open and represents proactive and preventative planning,” Kenny said in a statement. The provincial government said the company must follow 40 conditions laid out in its approval.

“Our government made a commitment to ensuring clean air and water and a safe environment. We feel confident the project can uphold these commitments while generating much-needed employment,” he said.

The provincial government’s approval makes sure the company protects water quality and quantity, fish habitat, wetlands and archaeological resources. The Department of Environment and Local Government is also requiring that “appropriate” monitoring and emergency response plans be put in place.

The Sisson mine would be built on 12.5 sq. km of land, north of Fredericton near Napadogan. Northcliff Resources has said it will cost $579 million to build the mine.

The open-pit molybdenum and tungsten mine is expected to create 500 jobs during its construction and 300 jobs during its operation.

The mining project has been controversial in the rural area that surrounds the proposed site. Hundreds of people crowded into a high school gymnasium to discuss the EIA during the summer. Many of the mine’s supporters spoke about the need to attract jobs to the rural community, while opponents raised questions about its environmental impact.

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