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Everyday trucks like this one roll into our municipalities across the northeast and remove the wealth that we as citizens have contributed that day. Wealth that we once owned and controlled by us now goes to the regional and federal government, financial institutions and franchised retail businesses – externally controlled services that now siphon off community wealth. Virtually every activity that once was operated and controlled by the citizens of our towns and villages are now controlled by external business and government powers and we, more than ever, have returned to the status of servants to the system. But worse, poverty levels are escalating and even the non-profit service groups that struggle to meet the needs of their neighbours are, themselves, struck by financial challenges as less and less money remains in the community.

Having lived through this transition, it is not hard to see how this happened. But when one looks back, you begin to realize that YOU allowed the fabulous wealth of your environment to become exploited and YOU have watched IN SILENCE as your forests are clearcut, your fisheries are diminished by pollution created by the company industries, and even the wealth in the ground under your feet disappears, while the power of your streams, rivers, and oceans pass into the control of others.

My concerns today. Art MacKay

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