ISSUES: Bambi reports on deer life today … not heard from since 2008…


N.B. Deer Association, Charlotte Co. Division


EDITORS NOTE: It’s been years since we last received a report from Bambi Deerburger. We just found this version in an email that came from an address in St. Andrews, NB.

Fellow Deer:

I am contacting you from a small swamp that I’m hiding in near St. Andrews, NB where, as in other towns and cities, hunters are now apparently authorized to hunt members of our family. With nowhere else to go but back to the edges of the clear cuts, we are attempting to survive as best we can.

This has been another challenging year … monoculture plantations continue to destroy our habitat while herbicide spray creates medical issues …  but at least this makes our livers unattractive to two-legged killers.

As you all know, vast clearcuts create killing fields, where coyotes, perhaps even crossbred with wolves, attack and kill us at will, especially our young. This had tended to keep us close to the protection of the deer yards. As these disappeared we desperately dashed from one to another hoping to make it. But, the widespread practice of clearcutting continues taking not only old, healthy mixed forest, but our few remaining yards as well. This left us Iittle choice but to move to towns and coastal areas where at least there is food and some degree of safety. But that has changed as some of our human neighbours lobby for our removal.

As we wrote back in 2008, we can no longer safely browse the poisoned clearcuts, but we found new hope in lettuce, carrots, green beans and tulips. But that may now be ending and we fear that we will have no safe spaces to support our families and newly born.

I have no way of knowing what the future will bring. Perhaps this will be the last report I can make to the N.B. Deer Association.

This report duly submitted on the eleventeenth of Decembruary, 2019.

Bambi J. Deerburger

Submitted by Dave Stevens and Art MacKay

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