POLLUTION: New Brunswick Dump Sites? Lots of them!!

Old NB Dumps

Originally from Jim Murray, New Brunswick Upon Days Faded

Unfortunately this map no longer exists. Created by Jim Murray, he described it as follows:

Something that may be of interest to some. A Google Earth file I created for a metal detecting group I belong to using government data that I acquired from both Federal and Provincial sources. (It} shows the locations of most of the former municipal burning dumps (over 450 locations) in NB from the days before the landfill centers we have now.

A large portion of these locations were the first household municipal dumps in the province. Before 1900 for the most part people in rural areas dumped their waste somewhere within the boundaries of their own properties. The Municipal dumps were brought about to curb this.

We do have some current mapping … but nothing like Jim Murray provided! Check the link below to learn about a few current sites.


2 thoughts on “POLLUTION: New Brunswick Dump Sites? Lots of them!!

  1. Are any of the dump sites in New Brunswick located along the Bay of Fundy shoreline? We have been visiting a number of beaches/geological sections along the north shore of the Minas Basin and Channel, and from Eatonville Harbour to Minudie along the south side of Chignecto Bay for plus 30 years. Debris/garbage from fishing activity, wood (deterioration of older wharves/docks) and minor household garbage (plastics and plastic bags). Some “brands” are not local, and I am wondering if kitchen garbage is being disposed by foreign ships?


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