EXPLORE – Nubble Light House, “Beware the Savage Rocks”

Located on Cape Neddick, the Nubble Lighthouse warned voyagers of a dangerous path. The surrounding area offers gorgeous views, rock climbing and a robust area for scuba diving.

What makes this area so picturesque and relaxing is the same thing that required a lighthouse to be built here in 1879: the tip of Cape Neddick is surrounded by rocks, making it treacherous location for early voyagers.

“Beware the savage rocks,” is a quote from English navigator Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, etched into an informational plaque here.

The lighthouse bell (which was replaced by an automated fog horn in 1987) was activated during times of heavy fog and could be heard from more than a mile away.

The lighthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Cape Neddick is also a destination for students in the robust scientific diving program at the University of New Hampshire. Students, faculty and staff scuba dive to conduct underwater research experiments.
“Researchers from many institutions along the Gulf of Maine have used the Nubble waters because of the ease of shore diving, and high diversity of marine life under the surface,” says an information sign at the site.

My whole family came on this trip. This is, from left, my sister, brother and dad, enjoying some peace in between rock climbing.
Finally, the area provides a stunning view of other magnificent cliffside properties.

More at: Nubble Light House, “Beware the Savage Rocks” — Walkies Through History

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