MYSTERIES: Fundy Mystery – Can You Identify This Object? Acrobat Professional Professional

These images are of an object found on the beach below Friar’s Head at Campobello. Because the object predates the island’s aquaculture industry, it may have been used in the weir fishery. Older area residents can likely identify it if that’s the case. If not … Was it from the Vikings? Professional

Perhaps some archaeologist friend can hazard a guess or folks who follow the antique trade. Perhaps it has Viking connections when they visited the area long before recorded history. Or early whalers perhaps? Some folks think Basque whalers were in the Bay of Fundy long before the earliest explorers. We know they were in Red Bay Labrador and there is every reason to think that they may have wander to the south. Maybe the rumours of ancient baleen buried in the mud of some of the harbours of West Isles are true! What do you think?


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