SHIPS & SHIPPING: The Snow Maiden, Grand Manan, NB & Mass.

Roger Nason – In my research for the Grand Manan ferry system, I discovered the “Snow Maiden” shown in this photo, frequently acted as an auxiliary freight schooner during the First World War when the “Aurora” or first steamer “Grand Manan” was off route for repairs. Her Captain was Judson W. Foster and his brother, Arthur, was engineer. (It is w)orth noting that the 73-foot schooner was owned by the partnership of Capt. Foster, Scott D. Guptill and Capt. John A. Ingersoll, former Capt. of “S.S Flushing” purchased by the GM Steamboat Co.
in 1884.

Near the end of her service from GM, the schooner was taken over by Capt. Craig Cheney with partner, Rolfe Cronk, to run freight from Saint John. After they sold her to Frederick White from Mass., she was replaced on the Grand Harbour trip by the new “Pride of Fundy”.

Unfortunately, the “Snow Maiden” ended its days on the ledges near Plymouth , Mass. on 19 Nov. 1955.

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