ISSUES: Woodland Caribou are in Trouble

Over 400,000 hectares of Caribou habitat destroyed for toilet paper and lumber every year

  The boreal forest makes up a quarter of the world’s intact forests. It’s home to some of the largest populations of iconic creatures like the Canada Lynx, Black Bears, Moose and billions of migratory songbirds. But with only 10% protected, these magnificent creatures may soon become but a memory. This includes our beloved boreal Woodland Caribou, who are suffering alarming rates of population decline across Canada.

The number one threat to this cherished species is industrial logging, pushing some herds to become critically endangered. The Canadian logging industry insists that tearing the boreal to shreds is sustainable, shrugging off the dire effects on at-risk species and climate change. But logging in the boreal is having detrimental consequences for our environment globally.

As the world’s largest terrestrial carbon storehouse, the Canadian boreal forest alone stores an equivalent of 27 years of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. The boreal forest can’t keep up with the ferocious pace of industrial logging today.

Read all about it below or download the PDF here:

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