ISSUES: 9 Links to Articles About the House of Irving by Investigative Reporter Bruce Livesy.

Special Report

House of Irving

A series by investigative reporter Bruce Livesey examines the powerful role the Irving family plays in the business, politics and media of New Brunswick and beyond. National Observer 8 Articles

The Irvings’ media monopoly and its consequences

Does the Irving family’s media monopoly serve their corporate interests?
By Bruce Livesey in News | July 6th 2016


Are the Irvings Canada’s biggest corporate welfare bums?

The LNG terminal is at the center of a bitter dispute pitting the region’s largest energy company, Irving Oil Ltd., against Saint John’s city hall. In so doing, it’s become a potent symbol of all the problems inherent with corporate welfare in Canada – and in New Brunswick especially.
By Bruce Livesey in NewsEnergyPolitics | March 30th 2017

Are the Irvings trying to censor CBC reporter Jacques Poitras?

Canada’s seventh-richest family complains to CBC about the author of a book about them. CBC ombudsman rejects request to ban the reporter from covering the family and their businesses.
By Bruce Livesey in NewsEnergyPolitics | March 24th 2017

The Irvings’ Invasion of Maine

The methods the Irvings used in New Brunswick to great effect — they are now trying them out in Maine.
By Bruce Livesey in News | July 21st 2016

How the Irvings intimidate their critics

Rod Cumberland knows what it feels like to be the target of one of Canada’s most powerful corporations and richest families – to have, in effect, a bull’s eye on your back.
By Bruce Livesey in NewsPolitics | June 27th 2016

Playing hardball the J.D. Irving way

J.D. Irving is a forestry, shipbuilding and media conglomerate that aggressively challenges its critics.
By Bruce Livesey in News | June 20th 2016

Turmoil at Irving Oil

One of Canada’s largest energy companies is facing challenges on all fronts as it champions the Energy East pipeline.
By Bruce Livesey in News | June 13th 2016

What have the Irvings done to New Brunswick?

Despite being viewed as a charming Maritime province tucked away on the east coast, in reality it’s a “company province” dominated by one very rich and powerful family.
By Bruce Livesey in News | June 6th 2016

One thought on “ISSUES: 9 Links to Articles About the House of Irving by Investigative Reporter Bruce Livesy.

  1. How about including their involvement in the climate crisis and extinction of multiple species. The deforestation is taking away natural co2 absorption diversity in a time of absolute precarity of a complete collapse of natures ability to help save us all from extinction. All that with a fiat currency about to fall and as Klaus Scwab of the WEF said ”But the debt must remain when they decide to pull the plug on the economic system. Turbulant times, now and getting wurst.


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