LOOKING BACK: Old 1872 Grand Manan Copper Mine reopened in 1964

A Toronto group that had been diamond drilling and prospecting on Grand Manan Island since early spring, recently opened the entrance to the old copper mine at Sloop Cove on the Western side of Grand Manan. This mine opened in 1872 by British interests actually operated for a short time with the ore shipped by sailing vessel to England where it was processed. It was said at the time that the ore was of a very high copper content.
After a few ship loads, operations ceased … no one seems to know why, but probably due to dwindling demand at that time.
The mine shaft entered the face of the high cliffs on Grand Manan’s western shore from the beach and it is reported that after removal of the fallen rock blocking the entrance the tunnel was found to be in good condition. Some years ago a number of tools were found on the beach and the older residents remember when the shaft entrance was plainly visible. (Modified from St. Croix Courier. Oct.8 1964)

More information on Grand Manan Geology:

One thought on “LOOKING BACK: Old 1872 Grand Manan Copper Mine reopened in 1964

  1. The tale I was told by a geologist/miner was that the copper was “soft copper” would have to have too many other metals added to be used. My grandmother born in 1886 said her grandfather used to go watch the Aboriginals of the area pile great stacks of driftwood next to the westward cliffs and melt the copper out of the rock for decoration and fish lures.


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