ISSUES – Great Smoky Mountain Animals in Need of Help

Take a journey with Asheville, NC, band The Fates as they empathetically imagine what it would be like to be an animal trying to cross highways near the Smokies. Directed by Joe Lamirand, this music video features Lexi McGraw as the bear, Natalie Karrh as the deer, and Bella Wells-Fried as the elk. The band formed while attending The Odyssey School in Asheville, and their teacher River Guerguerian helped them to arrange the song, produced and engineered the recording, and is heard on hybrid percussion kit. Inspired by her work with Safe Passage: The I-40 Pigeon River Gorge Wildlife Crossing Project, Frances Figart wrote the song to go with her book, A Search for Safe Passage, published in 2021 by Great Smoky Mountains Association. She produced this video and dedicates it to all the human beings working across the globe to help animals find safer ways to cross roads.

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