ISSUES: The Evil Plan to Control New Brunswick Has Been Revealed!


New Brunswick Clearcutting Operation.

In spite of the impacts from Covid-19 and the slowdown in all economic sectors, there is little evidence that things will change from the status in 2018. But as my friend Charles Theriault explains, there is still hope. And, who knows, the current problems might be part of the solution.

Why are twin highways to nowhere being built? Why are there no jobs? Why do we not profit from our public resources? Why are forestry operations that have existed for a century being shut down? How did our debt get so out of control? These questions and more are now being answered by insiders like Jack MacDougall and Charles Theriault.

They and others are now writing books and creating videos that tell exactly how EVIL PLAN NB was developed many years ago, and how that plan was put into play to redesign New Brunswick and to move the abundant wealth of New Brunswick into the total control of the corporate elite. According to these revelations, names like Robichaud, Pichette, McKenna, Mcquire, Irving and others conspired to change the face of New Brunswick.

Listen carefully while insider Charles Theriault outlines the history of this evil plan and explains where we are now and how we might yet rescue ourselves and return New Brunswick back into the control of its citizens.

Much of what you read seems to be repeating itself in Maine and Nova Scotia and this presentation may also sound familiar to folks who live there.

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