SHIPS & SHIPPING: So You Want to Know Where the Ships Are Today?

Its all about moving products and, if some Atlantic developers have their way, there will be more ships and coastal freighters sailing the east coast then ever before. Not only is it more efficient than trucking, it is rapidly becoming a cheaper way to move foreign goods up and down the coast to Atlantic markets and beyond.

As shown above web sites like sailwx which tracks world ship locations, will become increasingly more valuable. Link here. Zoom in and check the ships and their tracks in near real time in your favourite part of the world!

Interested in information and photos of your favourite ships or ship type? Try:

The United States Coast Guard provides in depth safety, accident and casualty reports for all ships operating in US waters. This is located at:

Maritime Business Strategies LLC has a ton of information on LNG and LPG Tanker, maritime history and more.

Finally, do a simple google search and you will be rewarded with company information from around the world.


Art MacKay

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