LO0KING BACK: 2008 – The battle to protect right whales continues

The battle continues as scientists and legislators continue to try to bring rules to bear that will protect the endangered Atlantic right whale. So far, industry has been fighting these efforts. The lobster fishing industry will need to absorb the increased cost for changes to suitable gear and time is money for coastal shipping. With a push to redevelop north-south Atlantica marine and land trade routes and increased traffic from coastal developments along the eastern seaboard, it is clear that ship strikes will rise. Consequently, the proposed change represent the only solution in my view. I think that we should get on with it. Can we adjust to insure a future for these endangered animals? What’s your opinion?


New Legislation Requires Bush Administration to Stop Procrastinating and Protect Endangered Whales

WASHINGTON, Feb 20, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ — Senator John Kerry today introduced legislation that would help protect critically endangered North Atlantic right whales from injury and death due to ship strikes. The Ship Strike Reduction Act of 2008 would require the Bush Administration to finalize a rule establishing speed limits for specified vessels in migratory paths of North Atlantic right whales.


Lobstermen trapped in gear debate
Portsmouth Herald News
To protect right whales, the government has passed a rule about the gear fishermen are allowed to use. AND THE BATTLE CONTINUES 29 YEARS LATER!

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