HELP NEEDED: Cape Wildlife Center of Barnstable is closing.


“You have probably heard by now that the Cape Wildlife Center of Barnstable (Humane Society of the United States) will be closing its doors as of November 18th. They will no longer receive animals after October 28th. We are saddened by this news, as we have worked very closely with CWC for many years. This is a tremendous loss to the wildlife of Cape Cod, and to the community. We are communicating with CWC on a regular basis to try to assist them with this transition.

“Wild Care will experience an influx of patients due to the Cape Wildlife Centers closure. Large mammals and bats will be referred to the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth, MA. 781-682-4878,

“I hope you will all consider providing additional monetary support of Wild Care during this time. We will need to invest in our staff, advance our equipment, supplies, and resources. We need you more than ever. Please consider making a donation TODAY, and look for our campaign requesting specific funding assistance in the coming days… ”

Executive Director, Stephanie Ellis ~


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