JOBS: Volunteer Crew Needed for Transatlantic Voyage on a 115-Foot Viking Longship

Man, if I were younger (and childless) I’d be all over this opportunity like a fly on excrement. Draken Harald Hårfagre (that’s “Dragon Harald Fairhair” in English) is a modern interpretation (rather than an accurate replica) of an old Viking longship that was built in Haugesund, Norway, and launched in 2012. In May next year she will set out on a voyage from Norway to Newfoundland via Iceland and Greenland, and the project organizers have just announced they are accepting applications for volunteer crew. You need at least two months of free time to do it and presumably should have some sort of useful skill to boost your chances of being selected.

Conditions aboard look to be very Spartan by modern standards, with no shelter except for a tent on deck, but by traditional Viking standards it should be a veritable luxury cruise. The ship does have an engine, so you probably won’t have to do too much rowing, plus a modern stove and toilet. I’m also assuming you can wear modern clothing and foul-weather gear (see photo up top).

Harald profile

Harald in profile. The name honors an old Viking king, the first to unite Norway. You can see the tent amidships behind the mast. At 115 feet this is the largest Viking ship ever built in modern times. Beam is 27 feet. She displaces 80 tons and carries 3,200 sq.ft. of sail. Longships like this were vessels of war, used on those famous Viking raids

Harald building

Harald under construction

Sailing again

Under sail, showing cross beams used to brace the clew of the square sail to windward

To get a clear idea what it’s like sailing this thing, you can check out this great viddy:

More at: CALLING ALL VIKINGS: Volunteer Crew Needed for Transatlantic Voyage on a 115-Foot Longship


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