PLACES: Austin and the tomato plant – Fogo Island Newfoundland

Austin and the tomato plant
Published on October 21, 2015
Fogo Island youth brings big surprise to annual event

He’s a little boy with a big tomato plant and he showed it off at the Fogo Island Partridgeberry Festival on Oct. 11.

Austin Waterman brought a larger than life tomato plant he grew himself to the Fogo Island Partridgeberry Festival. Photo from The Pilot

Grade three student Austin Waterman received a tomato plant in April 2014 while in second grade.

He brought it home and his mother placed the tiny plant, approximately two inches high, on the windowsill in the kitchen.

“I didn’t know it was going to get very big, but the Miracle Grow was really a miracle,” Austin told The Pilot during the Festival.

He took care of the plant every day and his mother, Jennifer said they had to transplant the tomato plant three times. It eventually outgrew the windowsill and was placed on the floor near the living room window.

“It kept growing and growing and growing,” he said.

His parents couldn’t believe how big the plant grew.

“It took up the entire living room window and grew up around the curtain rod,” Jennifer said. “It even touched the Christmas tree.”

And the plant sprouted between 100-150 juicy, cherry tomatoes that the family has enjoyed and shared with others.

Austin doesn’t like tomatoes, but he has enjoyed growing the giant plant. Once the Festival was over he said he would be giving the plant to Adam Young, a teacher at Fogo Island Central Academy.

What will Austin bring to the Partridgeberry Festival next year?

“I’m going to grow another one for next year with the same kind of dirt,” he said.

He’s of the mindset the secret to big tomato plants is in the dirt — the kind that comes from WalMart.

via Austin and the tomato plant – Agriculture – Farm Focus.


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