The Worst Possible News for Right whales

Provincetown Banner, USA – Mar 05, 2008
“Our federal government should be using every tool at its disposal to protect the remaining right whales, rather than making drastic cuts in a tremendously …

This news just came in today. It speaks to the lack of continuity that exists in all forms of ocean management today, both in Canada and the United States. Our politicians all talk about “sustainability”, but nothing truly is “sustainable”. When the hype is on, along come the buzzwords and the financial support but the truth is that there seems to be less and less understanding about ocean dynamics among our leadership and our poiliticos are easily distracted so that long-term management practices come and go like wisps of coastal fog. Unfortunately, the stakes continue to rise as do the losses. We can dump millions into destructive wars but the small half million dollar budget needed to support the dedicated individuals who risk their lives as stewards of the right whale are not worthy of this miniscule amount of funding?

Come on NOAA, turn some screws and get this group back in gear. Supporters everywhere need to write their representatives on all levels. Remember there is an election coming … some year!

That’s my opinion tonight.

Photo courtesy PCCS – The PCCS whale rescue team gets to work on freeing a right whale from a fishing gear entanglement.


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