Ooops! Sorry Sierra Club Newbies!

A couple of nights ago, the Quoddy Group of the Atlantic Chapter of the Sierra Club of Canada was formed at the new Quoddy Learning Centre building near St. Stephen, NB.

The Quoddy Region includes both Canada and the United States and forms the border between Maine and New Brunswick. Consequently, this new group will represent the interests of this whole area; a truly international coalition.

Proven to have the highest biodiversity on Canada’s east coast and supporting nearly 3,000 documented marine species, the Quoddy Region is a critical “engine” for the northern Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy and supports many listed species.

In the process of discussing likely issues of interest, Right Whales came up of course since this is the summer home for many of these endangered whales. While trying to convince the folks to include other listed cetaceans like Fin Whales and Porpoise, I alluded to the Right Whale as being the somewhat ugly and not-so-bright poster child of cetacean protection efforts; the species that gets all of the attention. As someone who has worked with marine mammals and other marine species in the Bay of Fundy for many years, I know that Right Whales have no common sense whatsoever when dealing with human in boats. Also once you have seen the crawling masses of parasitic copepods on their calluosities, beauty moves to the background. Nevertheless, they MUST have our protection to survive as a species. It’s a given. However, other sleeker and brighter species that seem to be able to take care of themselves do not, for some reason, attract the same attention as their ugly, dumb cousin.

We need to protect all of these fabulous creatures … ugly or beautiful!

That’s the way I see it,



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